Kim Jong Un received a letter from Donald Trump which he described it as “excellent.”


North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has received a personal letter from US President Donald Trump, state media has reported.

Mr Kim praised the letter as “excellent” and said he would “seriously contemplate the interesting content,” the KCNA news agency said.

He also praised Mr Trump’s “extraordinary courage”.

Earlier this month, Mr Trump said a beautiful letter had been sent to him by the North Korean leader.

It was not disclosed when or how Mr Trump’s letter to Mr Kim was delivered. The White House has not commented.

This certainly sounds promising but it is hard to be optimistic considering Trump has a bunch of assholes around him who don’t want peace and want perpetual warfare.

Hopefully this spawns a third summit with Kim and we see a tangible peace agreement struck. Unfortunately, the last summit was a failure largely due to the presence of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. Trump needs to ignore these lunatics and work something out with Kim.