Look at these crazy fucking Jews.

Jennifer Rubin the ugly and neurotic kike who blogs gibberish bullshit for the Washington Post is calling for the Democrat Party to kick Tulsi Gabbard out of the next debate. All because The Daily Stormer and alleged Neo-Nazis pushed to get her in the debates.

That’s not very democratic is it? But Rubin doesn’t seem to give a shit about that.

And then you have the head Jew of the Anti-Defamation League calling for Tulsi Gabbard to return donations from Neo-Nazis.

But just how is she supposed to identify who is a Neo-Nazi and who isn’t? Does Greenblatt have some sort of secret list? It is an absurd and insane demand from this kike supremacist organization.

And aren’t these Jews sort of undermining their own argument about Neo-Nazis being evil haters of skin color? They’re pointing out how an alleged group of Neo-Nazis supported a woman with brown skin who is running for the presidency. But why would racist skin color haters do this?

They’re basically admitting that we aren’t the insane lunatics that they’ve been claiming we are. In fact, we are very rational and reasonable people.

The reason why we are supportive of Gabbard is because she is against all these stupid and pointless Jewish wars that don’t benefit America and only benefit Israel. It’s as simple as that.

Either way, this shit is crazy. These kikes are going totally off the rails with their attacks on Gabbard. They just can’t help themselves and that’s why time and time again they’ve been forcibly removed from nations.