Kellyanne Conway had a fairly tense exchange with an obnoxious Jewish reporter named Andrew Feinberg today. Conway asked the Jew his ethnicity and asking any Jew their ethnicity is automatically implied to be anti-Semitic.

Feinberg went on CNN to whine about the incident and surprisingly didn’t claim that the incident was anti-Semitic.

But plenty of people on Twitter said it was anti-Semitic or implied that it was.

How is asking a Jew their ethnicity anti-Semitic? This does not imply any sort of Jew hate. It’s just a question.

If Jews are so fragile that they can’t even handle somebody asking them what their ethnicity is, it shows that they have a level of paranoia about people identifying them as a separate racial group. The easiest solution to their paranoia would be to fuck off to Israel but being that they are a race of parasites, the only way that will happen is if they are forcibly removed.