The FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has concluded what all of us already knew. The sexual assault allegations against him have been a total hoax. The actual report is not being made public but the general conclusion of it has been leaked to the press.

The White House is also saying that they are confident Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

The Hill:

The White House is “fully confident” that senators will vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh following Thursday’s delivery of the FBI’s supplemental background investigation into sexual misconduct claims made against the Supreme Court nominee, a spokesman said.

Deputy press secretary Raj Shah said in a statement that senators have been given “ample time” to read Kavanaugh’s “seventh background investigation,” despite protests from Democrats over a plan to allow members to trade off just one copy of the report between parties every hour.

As expected, the Democrats are saying that they are not satisfied with the report and some are claiming that this is part of a conspiracy. In reality, the only conspiracy was from Jews like Dianne Feinstein who deliberately withheld the sexual assault accusation made by Christine Blasey-Ford from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Worse yet was how the accusation was leaked by Feinstein’s office either directly or indirectly to the media at the most political opportune time for the Democrats.

The Jews Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein issued a retarded statement to the press about the report not being detailed enough. They claimed they didn’t interview enough people.

Talk about a couple of lying kikes. These accusations were only for the purpose of delaying the confirmation process past the midterms. It doesn’t matter how long or how many investigations the FBI were to launch into Kavanaugh, it would never be enough for the Democrats.

The floor vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination is only days away. I still say that there is a 60/40 chance that Kavanaugh gets the necessary votes. The big question is what Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake are going to do. There’s also a few Senate Democrats who are getting hammered in the election polls who might be compelled to vote for Kavanaugh.

Overall though, this whole circus has been a major overreach by the Democrats. All Republicans including most never Trumpers and lots of independents are angry over how Kavanaugh was treated. They were pushing this insane concept that people are guilty until proven innocent to sabotage the nomination.

Even if they are successful in sabotaging Kavanaugh’s nomination, there is nothing preventing Trump from re-nominating him after the election. It would serve as a message to galvanize people to vote for Republicans in the midterms.

But no matter what happens, we need to vote Republicans across the board in November. It is a matter of practical necessity. The Democrats are run by insane Jews, retarded minorities and nutty Communists. They cannot be given political power of any kind.