Kanye West did a recent video rant about how social media and the media in general are trying to control people’s minds.

He’s not wrong. The people behind this mind control apparatus are known as Jews. Both traditional media and social media outlets are dominated by Jewish interests. They do everything they can to silence people who have views outside of the parameters defined by these kikes. And on top of that, they manipulate people to believe things that are not true.

He also ranted about how he was getting fucked over by Sony/ATV who wouldn’t allow him to buy his publishing rights even though he had the money to do it. It is reasonable to assume that there are some Jew lawyers getting in the way of him doing that.

If there’s any way that we can get him to start ranting about the Jews, it would be the greatest thing ever. Kanye is definitely smarter than the average black man. He wouldn’t be pontificating on these issues if he wasn’t. He claims he has a 130 something IQ which is like crazy genius level for a black.