The Attorney General Jeff Sessions has finally done something positive. Today he announced a lawsuit against California for their insane sanctuary state policies. He also called out the Jew Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf who put immigration enforcement agents at risk by warning illegal alien criminals that the feds were coming to round them up.

California’s Governor Jerry Brown a jackass whose brain seems to have been damaged from 1960s LSD abuse whined about the move. Brown thinks it is normal to allow unlimited numbers of illegal aliens into a country unchecked because of feelings.

The entire Democrat party hates White people and hates America. Their political positions are all designed to harm us. There is no justification for giving illegal aliens sanctuary when they broke our laws. It effectively means that the rule of law is null and void.

Immigration policy is decided at the federal level. The Constitution clearly lays this out. The California state government by interfering in its enforcement is violating the supreme law of the land.