Not surprisingly, the courts have ruled that the orange man can’t force enriching vibrants to have health insurance in order to enter the country.

Fox News:

A federal judge in Oregon on Saturday blocked the Trump administration’s rule requiring immigrants applying for U.S. visas to prove they have health insurance or can afford medical costs from going into effect Sunday.

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon granted the temporary restraining order while he considers a federal lawsuit brought Wednesday by seven U.S. citizens and a nonprofit organization, who contend the rule change would block nearly two-thirds of all prospective legal immigrants. It was not immediately clear when Simon would rule on the merits of the case.

The White House announced last month that people seeking immigrant visas from abroad will be barred from entering the country unless they are to be covered by health insurance within 30 days of entering or have enough financial resources to pay for any medical costs.

The prospective measure would not apply to those already in the United States, nor would it apply to lawful permanent residents, asylum seekers, refugees or children. However, it would apply to parents and spouses of U.S. citizens, the White House said.

The White House said in a statement at the time the proclamation was issued that too many non-citizens were taking advantage of the country’s “generous public health programs,” and said immigrants contribute to the problem of “uncompensated health care costs.”

“We’re very grateful that the court recognized the need to block the health care ban immediately,” Justice Action Center senior litigator Esther Sung said. “The ban would separate families and cut two-thirds of green-card-based immigration starting tonight, were the ban not stopped.”

The judge is named Simon so most likely this judge is a Jew and his ruling is certainly Jewish in nature.

Basically what this ruling says is that the orange man can’t block non-Whites from entering the country for any reason. We just have to let unlimited niggers who can’t afford health care to enter America because it’d be racist not to do so.

This is obviously insane. Guess this retarded ruling will have to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.