Jordan Peterson went to Twitter to whine about anti-Semitism. He got quite angry after discovering that people were using (((three brackets))) to identify certain individuals and groups as being Jewish. On top of that, he blamed these anti-Semitic Twitter users for Saturday’s Pittsburgh synagogue shooting which resulted in 6,000,011 dead Jews.

At least he admitted that anti-Semitism is a fashionable thing. Other than that, the tweet itself is retarded. It’s actually quite funny that he seems to have just noticed that the (((three brackets))) were being used to identify Jews.

I still don’t understand how this deranged self-help guru became such a popular figure. Yeah, I get that he was promoted by Jews as a safe alternative to mainstream bullshit, but there’s nothing remotely appealing about his message. He’s just some boomer guy who has a moderate stance against feminism. What’s so great about that?

But the fact that Peterson is attacking highly reputable anti-Semites on Twitter is proof that he’s a fraud. He probably doesn’t even wash his penis.