Apparently all the damage John McCain did to America during his life wasn’t enough. The evil Zionist asshole actually penned a farewell statement to further fuck over America. In the statement he whined about walls and other gibberish. It was basically a veiled attack on the Trump movement from the grave.

What’s interesting is how the Jewish ink pissers in the media continue portraying McCain as one of the greatest American’s ever to live. That’s only because he dutifully served the Jewish agenda throughout his life.

The people feel differently. Here’s just a small handful of the top comments under the Fox News YouTube video containing the reading of McCain’s farewell statement.

But man, you have to be a real piece of shit to pen a farewell statement like this. It was nothing more than a political attack from the grave.

At least we can have the satisfaction that this evil Zionist traitor is rotting in hell as we speak.