If it wasn’t obvious to people before, it is fully obvious now. Joe Rogan is a total and complete shill for the Jewish agenda. He interviewed the demented Jewess Bari Weiss from The New York Times where she shilled all things Jewish and ranted about anti-Semitism. Rogan pretty much agreed with everything she said thus confirming his status as a total shill for the kike race.

People have found Rogan’s show interesting due to the fact that he interviews a wide variety of different guests. He’s done interviews with all sorts of people ranging from Elon Musk to Mike Tyson while also bringing on people who have all sorts of alternative views and opinions. But the show never went into full blown Jewish overload like it did with this Weiss interview.

The interview has been heavily down voted and most of the comments underneath it were people bashing the Jews.

Weiss also went nuts when Tulsi Gabbard’s name got brought up because she doesn’t support America waging endless war for Israel. Apparently you are an anti-Semite if you don’t support fighting wars for these evil Christ-killers.

The entire episode was disturbing and definitely angered the goyim. The Joe Rogan show will never be perceived the same after this.