Last night, Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for best lead actor stemming from his role as Arthur Fleck in The Joker movie.

He went on to deliver a very strange speech where he rambled on about cows being raped so people can put milk in their coffee. His speech apparently inspired feminist women to stop buying red meat and milk.

The crazy shit about cows was just one of the many weird things he said.

The whole thing was bizarre and insane.

The good news is that viewership for this show was substantially down from last year’s event, so what actors like Phoenix say at these things are becoming less and less important.

Phoenix wasn’t the only one who made weird political statements. Brad Pitt rambled on about the Senate not allowing John Bolton to testify.

What’s crazy is how much attention society pays to the political views of these movie actors. Why are these people given any sort of credibility to talk about important issues? Appearing in a movie and playing make believe is not a qualification for someone to speak seriously on political matters. Phoenix rambling about cows being raped, veganism and other weirdness should be obvious proof of this.