Jews are very unhappy that the moderate right-leaning Alternative for Deutschland party won a local election in Germany.

Just look at some of this kvetching.

Daily Mail:

Jewish leaders have reacted with horror after a German far-right leader who has been compared to Adolf Hitler captained the nationalist AfD party into second place in a state election last night.

Björn Höcke’s party surged to 23 per cent of the vote in Thuringia, beating Angela Merkel’s CDU into third place.

Mr Höcke, who has criticised Berlin’s Holocaust memorial and questioned whether Hitler was ‘entirely evil’, stormed out of a TV interview during the campaign after his rhetoric was compared to that of the Nazi dictator.

Today a series of Jewish community leaders voiced alarm over the results.

Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, accused the AfD of using ‘cheap racist propaganda’.

‘Anyone who voted for the AfD on Sunday shares responsibility for the gradual undermining of the foundations of our democracy,’ he said.

The AfD’s success could no longer be dismissed as a ‘protest vote’, because there was no denying the hard-right ideology of the party’s Thuringia branch, he said.

Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor who heads Munich’s Jewish community, said that ‘something fundamental has gone off the rails in our political system’.

I find it hilarious that Jews, a subversive alien race of people, are trying to claim that the German political system is their own and that they have the right to speak as if they are Germans.

But they brought this on themselves. The primary reason why nationalism and populism has risen across Europe is because Jews advocated for flooding the continent with millions of third world savages.

Jews are obviously not Germans. And if Jews are so afraid of being put into fake shower rooms by Neo-Nazis, they should take a one way trip to Israel and be with their fellow tribesmen. They should also stop trying to parasite off the German people and guilt them over the stupid Holocaust hoax.