There are some Jews who are not happy that the unknown social justice warrior Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out of nowhere to defeat a 10-term Democrat Congressman. Her political rise was completely ignored by the Jewish media and the New York Times in particular. This was literally happening in the NYT’s backyard and they failed to cover it.

The Jew Jill Abramson who used to hold the executive editor position at the NYT, lashed out at the paper for failing to cover her campaign.

Even though Ocasio-Cortez is an insane social justice warrior Communist type, she is also anti-Israel and is associated with people who have openly called out the Jews. She has openly denounced one supporter who was particularly open with his Jew-hate.

But even still, this association is real and it is causing Jews to raise some questions. Jews are already writing articles expressing concern about her anti-Israel sentiments.

Had the NYT covered her campaign adequately, these facts would have come out and they could have prevented her win. Since they did not do that, Ocasio-Cortez is set to become one of the few anti-Israel voices in Congress.

This has been a major fuck up for the Jewish media establishment. Especially when you consider how influential the NYT still is. They literally set the daily narrative for many of the talking heads you see on the Jew-run cable news.

When Donald Trump says that they’re “failing”, it actually isn’t an exaggeration. They are failing to frame an effective narrative for the rest of their minions to parrot. It’s why all sorts of bad things are starting to happen to the Jewish establishment.