For some reason the annual Eurovision contest is being held in Israel this year. The Israelis put out a promo for the event attempting to engage in self-deprecating humor joking about how Jews are greedy while referencing their occupation of Palestinian lands.

It did not go over well. The video was so weird and cringeworthy that actual Jews have criticized it and are even calling the video anti-Semitic.

So basically the video was too Jewish for the Jews.

The Eurovision event in Israel looks like it is going to be a big flop. Few tickets have sold and few people are willing to travel to Israel to watch this nonsense live. People are tired of the evil the Israelis are engaged in and don’t want to financially support them with any shekels.

I don’t even understand why Israel is allowed to participate in Eurovision let alone host it. Jews are not European. They’re a race of evil parasites that have nothing in common with Europeans. If they had something in common with us, they wouldn’t have been kicked out of our lands over and over again.