Tulsi Gabbard has just announced a 2020 run for President of the United States. I am officially endorsing her to become the Democrat presidential nominee and plan on supporting her campaign.

The main reason I am doing this is simple, the Jews are mad as fuck that she is throwing her hat in the ring.

Just look at all these kikes raging on Twitter.

The Jews are already doing the same shit they’ve been doing to President Trump for the past few years. They’re claiming that she is part of some Russian conspiracy and is working with Vladimir Putin because she opposes waging endless war in Syria to benefit Israel.

She’s a true dark horse candidate and one of the few in the Democrat Party not demanding endless wars for Jews.

Obviously I have many political disagreements with Gabbard as a whole but her presidential campaign represents an opportunity to create problems for the entire Jewish Democrat establishment. They’ve become a party centered around representing the interests of billionaire Jews from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood while supporting endless wars for Israel.

She probably won’t win the nomination, but the longer her campaign goes the more problems she’s going to cause for the Jewish establishment.