These fucking Jews are out of control. They’re trying to claim that Iran played a key role in the 9/11 attacks. It’s absolute nonsense and this story is being spread all over the tubes by people like Matt Drudge and other Jews.

A Jew named Adam Kredo has penned a piece for the Washington Free Beacon claiming just this.

What’s incredible is that he used an English translation from a Saudi news source which is questionable to begin with. And then claims that because some of the terrorists had a transit flight that stopped in Iran for two hours that this is proof that Iran aided al-Qaeda and helped do 9/11.

I did a much more detailed piece on this that will hopefully be published over at the Daily Stormer shortly. The bottom line is that this does not represent proof that the Iranians had anything to do with the attacks. There’s countless amounts of evidence showing that both the Jews and the Saudis had logistical and financial involvement in 9/11. Not to mention the fact that the Jews gained the most from the attacks.

I guess since the Jews did 9/11 it only makes sense that they would blame their main enemy Iran for what they were responsible for. They’re trying to push whatever propaganda they can come up with to justify a future American military intervention in Iran.