Following what appeared to be retaliatory attacks by Iran against the Jews in the Golan Heights, the Zionist regime of Israel has aggressively stepped up their bombing raids in Syria. They just conducted one of their biggest bombing campaigns in recent memory. The strikes targeted Iranian military infrastructure in Syria.

Here’s a PressTV report on this.

And here’s RT’s take.

I’m not going to bother posting any of the Jewish propaganda on this because it’s all lies. They’re claiming the kikes are countering Iranian aggression even though the Jews have been bombing and attacking both Syrian and Iranian infrastructure in Syria for many months now. They are also illegally occupying the Golan Heights which were the positions the Iranians retaliated against.

Hopefully Russia gets those S-300 units in place. It’s safe to assume that Bibi was lobbying Vladimir Putin on this issue during his recent visit to Russia. The presence of S-300 missile defense systems would make it much more difficult for Israel to launch these attacks. It would also give the Iranians some breathing room to potentially setup additional military bases around Israel.

The bottom line is that there will never be peace in the Middle East so long as Israel exists. The only way for there to be stability in this region is to wipe the Zionist cancer off the map. It’s good to see that this is the goal of the Iranian government. Their cause is a righteous one.

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