Attorney General Bill Barr mentioned during Congressional testimony that Donald Trump’s campaign was spied on by corrupt government officials. This has caused Democrats, including many Jews to call this a conspiracy theory.

Look at what three Democrat Jews are saying about it.

So these same kikes who breathlessly promoted the conspiracy theory hoax that Trump was a Russian agent are calling this a conspiracy theory. It’s insane that anybody can believe these liars.

It is well documented that the Trump campaign was spied on. Corrupt people in the FBI under Obama asked the FISA Court for a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign using the #pissgate dossier. This is not even in dispute.

This was an attempted coup against Trump. There needs to be a counter investigation into all of this. The only question is if one will even happen. This is long overdue and there still hasn’t been any official announcement. All we’ve heard is talk.

Sure, Trump is tweeting about it, but that’s all he does. He needs to order the AG to launch a special counsel and get to the bottom of all this insanity. But will he? Doubtful at this point. President Kushner probably won’t allow it and Trump seems to have deferred the decision to the AG and Lindsey Graham.