The Jews are literally claiming that the bad orange man in the White House is at least partially responsible for the synagogue shooting.

Here’s an article from Haaretz a leftist Israeli publication claiming that Donald Trump prepped the shooter.

The Jewess Julia Ioffe also wrote a piece in the Washington Post saying that Trump bore responsibility for the synagogue shooting.

Ioffe went off the deep end later claiming that Trump had radicalized more people than ISIS while on Jew-run CNN.

Even she realized how insane this comment was and later apologized for it.

She also posted this tweet whining about how she feels less safe as a “journalist” in America than in Russia.

As if she can’t just move to Israel if she feels uncomfortable.

These Jews are completely insane. There’s undoubtedly other examples I could cite but these two are more than enough. They are blaming Trump for the synagogue shooting even though the shooter was anti-Trump and thought that Trump was part of a Jewish globalist conspiracy.

How the hell is Trump responsible for some guy who did not support him politically and decided to shoot up a synagogue? Can you Jews get any more ridiculous? This is the type of shit that has made people hate your filthy race for thousands of years.