The Jews are trying to steal the Florida election wins by Republicans. The Democrats have deployed Jewish lawyer Marc Elias into the state to do just that. Basically what’s happened is that Broward County is claiming to have found all sorts of Democrat votes after the election. There appears to be all sorts of fraud involved. They’re trying to force a recount which they hope will allow them to engage in even more chicanery and swing the election in their favor.

Some corrupt Negress named Brenda Snipes is also involved.

Donald Trump put out a series of tweets about the situation yesterday.

Even Marco Rubio has been calling out the fraud.

Broward County has the largest concentration of Jews in Florida and one of the largest concentration of Jews in the country outside of New York City. So this is basically an attempt by Jews to steal the election.

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott who won the Senate race is accusing election officials in Broward County and Palm Beach County of fraud.

The fact that Jews and Democrats have whined about Russians interfering in American democracy should be considered a laughable concept at this point. If you truly believe in democracy than you should be calling out Jews and Democrats as being the biggest threat to it. They do not believe in fair and free elections. They are willing to cheat through fraudulent methods in order to win elections regardless of how the people actually vote.