The other day, YouTube announced an even more aggressive war on channels that produce content that Jews dislike. A war on truth if you will because if there’s one thing Jews hate it is the truth.

A number of channels were either demonetized, banned or had their videos deleted.ย The hashtag #VoxAdpocalypseย trended on Twitter in reference to this fiasco.

The Jew-run Anti-Defamation League issued a statement bragging about how they had been working with YouTube to ban content off of their site.

And YouTube as most of you already know is run by the ugly horse-faced Jewish cunt Susan Wojcicki.

This entire situation began when the spic faggot Carlos Maza who works for Vox whined about how the right-leaning comedian Steven Crowder made jokes about him being a filthy sucker of cocks. He demanded YouTube do something about Crowder. And shortly after this, YouTube announced their crackdown.

Crowder’s channel got demonetized but not banned. Despite this, Maza was not satisfied, and is whining about how his channel wasn’t deleted entirely. He has this tweet pinned on his feed right now.

It’s important to note that Vox itself was co-founded by two Jews Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias. NBC Universal has also dumped a bunch of money into their operation and NBC Universal is owned by Comcast whose CEO is the Jew Brian Roberts. So all this shit that Maza stirred up was done because he got permission from all these kikes.

But the fact that the ADL had a statement ready to go shows that this was a coordinated effort by Jews to further ramp up their censorship efforts.

All I can say is that if you don’t like what happened, you should be angry at Jews. Nearly every person responsible for this debacle is Jewish. But will Steven Crowder mention this fact? Of course he won’t because he’s a fucking coward. This despite the fact that this is the most obvious fucking thing about this whole situation. I just provided links and proof showing that the entities involved in this censorship purge are Jews. There is no debating this. It is just the reality of things.

When many of us got banned from various services back in 2017, we told everybody else who produced any sort of right-leaning content that they would be next. We said that they would be banned even if they intentionally went out of their way to not talk about Jews. Few listened, but we were right.

It’s time for people to get some fucking balls and finally start talking about how Jews are the primary group responsible for all of this Internet censorship. Not talking about the Jews gains you nothing. You are going to get banned no matter what. So quit pussy footing around the issue and let’s get to the root of the problem and the root of the problem are these filthy, nation-wrecking kikes.