The Jewish-run website known as YouTube or as I like to call it, JewTube, has announced that they are going to ban anybody who questions the safety of coronavirus vaccines.

The Hill:

YouTube will ban content containing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines, expanding its policy surrounding misinformation about the virus, the company said Wednesday.

The Google-owned video platform said it will remove any content that includes claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradicts information from health authorities.

YouTube was already removing content with misinformation about the existence and the transmission of the coronavirus, as well as content promoting medically unsubstantiated methods of treatment. The platform said it had removed more than 200,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading COVID-19 information since early February.

These kikes literally want to control all of your thoughts. One of the things they want you to believe is that all of these coronavirus vaccines are very safe and that if you don’t take it you will die. Any opinion outside of that will get you banned off the site.

For whatever reason, the entire Jewish system wants everybody to take a coronavirus vaccine. The very fact that they want you to take it, is reason enough not to take it. There’s no telling what these vaccines will do to you.