The Jewish SITE Intelligence Group somehow managed to find an alleged manifesto that they claim was written by Stephen Balliet the failstreaming synagogue shooter.

I’m not going to post it or link to it because it contains instructions on how to make weapons. But the document included a section titled “the plan” in which Balliet allegedly says that he had no real plan except to figure things out when he arrived at the synagogue.

Yeah, so he had no real plan on what he was going to do but somehow had a level of competence to build all these homemade guns?

This just makes the entire incident even more weird.

SITE Intelligence has been around for years and they were previously known for putting out all sorts of faked Al-Qaeda videos after the 9/11 attacks. They did this to reinforce the idea that the United States needed to do endless war against Islamic terrorists to protect Israel. But now this group is dedicating a great deal of their efforts towards covering right wing and nationalist groups in much the same manner.

So long story short, it is very possible that this manifesto was written by Jews and that Balliet was convinced by Jews to do this weird attack. The synagogue that Balliet targeted was an extremely odd choice especially considering that the synagogue had just had major security upgrades done to it.

And much like the Al-Qaeda videos these kikes put out over the past 20 years or so, they never said specifically how they came about this manifesto. Saying that it emerged online is not much of an explanation. They might as well just tell us that this manifesto appeared out of the ether.

The only thing I can say sure sure, is that there’s all sorts of weird kikery surrounding this event.