The Jewish social media company Facebook is implying that the roll out of their news tab feature is going to save journalism.


Mark Zuckerberg rolled out Facebook’s highly touted news tab on Friday, saying he hopes it “honors and supports the contribution journalists make to our society.”

But the Facebook CEO’s paean to great journalism comes with a set of serious questions about whether Facebook as a whole can overcome accusations of spreading inaccurate news, anti-conservative bias and dealing irrevocable institutional damage to journalism.

This is such a joke. No company run by Jews can be trusted to do anything let alone save journalism.

If anything, Facebook has destroyed journalism because they don’t allow free speech on their site. They’ve banned countless people off of their site for having views and opinions that they disagree with.

Free speech is the very foundation of honest journalism. If you don’t have free speech the end result is propaganda and dishonest journalism. Because if you are banned from speaking the truth, it is effectively impossible to do honest journalism.

Facebook should really rethink this approach, but they won’t because the company is run by lying Jewish lizard people like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.