What a weird deal this was. The Jewess Laura Loomer just staged a weird protest outside of Nancy Pelosi’s house. She brought some illegal aliens with her dressed in yellow vests and put up a tent that said “immorality.” The bitch even wore a hardhat for some reason. Presumably the stunt was designed to protest illegal immigration.

She also apparently tried to break into Pelosi’s house.

Eventually police arrived and she was forced to leave after being given a warning.

What a strange and disorganized mess. Why dress the illegal aliens in yellow vests? Especially considering the ongoing yellow vest protests in France. What does this even mean? The average person is only going to be left confused.

Her recent protests have been cluster fucks. They are more about bringing attention to herself and her shitty Internet brand than making headway on important issues. When she chained herself to the Twitter building to protest being thrown off of Twitter, she made the whole thing about her being a Jew instead of the larger issue of Internet censorship.

But the bitch doesn’t care about free speech. She was personally responsible for getting “Nazis” thrown off of Discord.

It’s a joke to call her a “right-wing” protester or Alt-Right or whatever. She’s just an obnoxious self-absorbed kike who is hijacking important issues for her own personal gain. I’m sick of her shit quite frankly. Hopefully she just goes away. Her antics aren’t helpful.

Go back to Israel Laura, you are not wanted in America. GTFO!