The intolerable Jewess Laura Loomer who was recently banned from Twitter for criticizing a Moslem, is none to happy about it. She decided to handcuff herself to Twitter’s New York City headquarters and stage a protest. Comically, her protest centered around her belief that Twitter is anti-Semitic and embraces hate of Jews.

But centering the protest around her theory that Twitter hates Jews because they banned her is insane. She’s probably the only somewhat prominent Jew who has been banned from the site. I honestly can’t think of any other noteworthy Jew who has been banned.

I got banned from Twitter after three weeks because I tried to have an intellectual conversation with people regarding the hoax that is the Jewish Holocaust of 60 trillion. So no, I would not say that Twitter is a company that hates Jews. If anything, Twitter is a company that actively promotes the international agenda of global kikery. They work closely with the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League to determine who they should kick off their site.

I am glad that she did this though. Not because she is drawing attention to the very real problem of censorship that exists on Twitter, but because it will only increase hate of Jews.

She could have staged a protest against censorship without throwing the fact that she’s a Jew in everyone’s faces. Of course she as a Jew just couldn’t help herself. She had to make the protest of what is a very real issue into something that focused more on her Jewish racial identity.