Who would have thought? A Jew was on television fuming about the Trump-Kim summit.

Ben Shapiro has been livid over the fact that we might finally have a pathway to peace with North Korea.

He was on Fox News whining about Trump saying positive things about Kim Jong Un.

And look at these tweets. He is saying that Kim is literally Hitler while claiming that the American flag has been disgraced because it was placed next to the flag of the DPRK during the summit.

Pretty weak stuff from this kike. He actually believes that a big war with millions dead would be preferable to Trump sitting down and trying to work out a deal with Kim. His rhetoric about Hitler and the American flag is ridiculous.

But who the hell is Ben’s audience any way? Jews and senile boomers? Besides those two demographic groups, I don’t know who else would buy into this type of insane rhetoric. These Jews just don’t know when to stop! They never do!