Looks like even Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is getting tired of the Jews complaining about White supremacists on Twitter.

Check out this post from the fat Jew actor Seth Rogen. He’s saying that he’s exchanged direct messages with Dorsey and based on these exchanges, he thinks that Dorsey doesn’t care about the presence of White supremacists on the platform.

But I mean seriously, WTF is this kike talking about? Twitter has banned nearly every single prominent pro-White personality that was on the platform. They even work with groups like the Anti-Defamation League to ensure the platform is a safe space for Jews and racial minorities.

I was personally banned from Twitter after three weeks. Jared Taylor from AmRen has filed a lawsuit against them after his accounts were shut down. Twitter has even gone so far as to ban right-wing personalities who aren’t openly racist or anti-Semitic.

So what does Rogen want? It sounds like he won’t be happy until Twitter bans all 62 million people who voted for Donald Trump. His whining is completely insane.