Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is accusing the Jew-run National Enquirer of threatening to publish nude pictures of himself. The Jew head of the National Enquirer David Pecker apparently demanded that the Bezos-owned Washington Post back off on reporting that tied the National Enquirer’s parent company to Saudi Arabia. Bezos wrote a blog post on Medium about the entire situation. Weirdly he implies that the whole thing could be a conspiracy orchestrated by Donald Trump.

It is a very bizarre situation. Bezos is in the process of divorcing his wife and the nude pictures are said to show both him and his new Latina girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

What I don’t understand is why a middle-aged man especially one with the status of Bezos would be taking nude pictures of himself including dick pics. Bezos is not a dumb guy either. You don’t become the CEO of a huge multi-billion dollar company like Amazon by being stupid. It is almost incomprehensible to me that he would put himself in this position. I’ve never in a million years contemplated taking compromising photos of myself on my phone for the purposes of sending them over the Internet.

Even though it was foolish of Bezos to take these photos, it is most certainly illegal for the National Enquirer to blackmail him over these photos. But we have a Jewish judicial system where the rule of law does not actually mean the rule of law. So ultimately I have no idea what’s going to happen with this.