The Jew-run CNN propaganda network just put out a video featuring Brian Stelter covering the groyper war. Stelter basically parrots the narrative put out by the Jew Ben Shapiro describing the groypers at the Turning Point USA event with Don Jr. as far-right extremists.

What this illustrates is how there is almost no separation or daylight between fake conservative incorporated, so-called “conservative” Jews like Ben Shapiro and the bullshit that gets put out on Jew-run CNN. These people are all putting out the exact same talking points.

And when you consider that Turning Point USA literally supports Internet censorship, unlimited immigration, legal gay anal sex and forever wars for Israel, it becomes even more obvious what is going on here. These are positions all supported by Jew-run CNN and the other Jew-run propaganda networks. So how exactly is any of this “conservative?”