An insider from the Jew-run network of ABC News leaked a recording to Project Veritas showing news anchor Amy Robach griping about how the network spiked a story she had on the Jew Jeff Epstein three years ago.

Go figure right? A network like ABC News that is owned and run by Jews killing a report exposing all the chicanery that the Jew Jeff Epstein was involved in. A Jew who was basically sex trafficking young girls to create blackmail material on prominent people that could be used to advance the interests of Jews and Israel.

Robach in the clip also implied that Epstein was murdered and did not die of a suicide which is something anybody of average intelligence has concluded based on the evidence presented. The only other possibility is that his death was faked and he is over in Israel as we speak.

ABC News and Robach issued a response claiming that the story didn’t air because they didn’t have enough corroborating information. This directly contradicts everything Robach is seen saying in the clip. She obviously felt as if she had more than enough evidence required to run the story.

This is just another example showing how corrupt the Jewish news media is. These are propaganda operations run by Jews designed to manipulate public opinion for their own subversive interests. What more proof does one need of this?