Donald Trump’s former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen fresh off of getting a three year jail sentence for various forms of kikery, did an interview with ABC News. During the interview he accused Trump of being a bad man who directed him to do fake crimes.

Cohen in exchange for better treatment from Bob Mueller’s special counsel pleaded guilty to fake campaign finance violations. He was compelled to do this as part of an attempt to embarrass the President of the United States.

But what this shows is that Cohen is fully on team Jew. Only a Jew would plead guilty to things that aren’t crimes in the hope to get some sort of personal benefit out of it.

These alleged campaign finance violations stem from this idea that paying off a couple of skanks for their silence is illegal because it happened during the course of an election. This is of course a ridiculous assertion. It is not illegal to pay someone to sign a nondisclosure contract.

Plus, what does this have to do with the original investigation? Wasn’t this originally about how Trump was some type of Russian intelligence asset working for Vladimir Putin? Guess they forgot about that narrative because that narrative has been thoroughly debunked as a retarded Jewish hoax.