It is a basic fact that all the major players trying to remove Donald Trump from office are Jewish. You don’t have to like what Trump has done during his presidency to understand this very simple fact.

One of these Jews is Michael Cohen who was Trump’s personal lawyer for a decade. After Cohen got caught up in the Bob Mueller probe and was exposed doing separate financial scams, he turned on Trump. Now Cohen a documented liar and fraudster who is set to go to prison for three years, is testifying in front of Congress as part of an agenda by Democrats to attack Trump.

Yesterday’s testimony was behind closed doors, but today’s testimony was held in public. The entire hearing was a circus. Cohen literally said in his opening statement that he lied but was not a liar. This is perhaps one of the most Jewish statements imaginable. He admits that he is a liar but claims that he is not one in the same sentence. Who else but a Jew would say something like that?

Cohen basically spent his time attacking Trump as a criminal and a racist person. He told tales about Roger Stone and WikiLeaks, payments to porn stars and the proposed Trump Tower in Moscow. There was no tangible evidence presented by Cohen proving anything about Russian collusion. But nothing he says is credible considering his track record a point which Republicans made throughout the hearing.

Jim Jordan called out the circus for what it is. He accused Cohen’s Jew lawyer Lanny Davis who has associations with Bill and Hillary Clinton as organizing the entire thing.

Despite all the theatrics, there was nothing really new or important that came out of the hearing. This was a sham designed to embarrass Trump while he is over in Vietnam trying to work out a deal with North Korea. The fact that they would hold this hearing while that summit is going on shows how the Democrats don’t give a fuck about the welfare of the country. They desire to destroy it.

Trump remarked that Cohen is participating in fiasco to try and reduce his prison time.

I don’t know what the ultimate outcome of all this is going to be, but these Cohen accusations are basically setting up a separate hoax probe into Trump from the Southern District of New York. This is what will be focused on moving forward now that Mueller’s probe is pretty much done. They’re going to try to use Trump’s payment to a porn star via Cohen to claim campaign finance violations occurred and that this is cause for impeachment.

But honestly, I’m really tired of having to analyze this retarded shit. Trump should just declare martial law and ship these kikes and traitors off to FEMA camps.