Alex Jones is being sued by the Sandy Hook parents because he had questions about the official narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting event and that him questioning the event has hurt their feelings. As part of this fiasco, Jones was filmed in a video deposition which was just uploaded to the Internet.

The Jew-run media is predictably using this video to paint Jones as a crazy man with psychosis simply because he had questions about what happened. Jones has said that he no longer believes the event to be a hoax and used the word “psychosis” to describe how he was trying to sort out what was really going on.

The deranged assholes over at the Huffington Post put out a short edited video of Jones to support their propaganda against him.

CNN is pushing the same angle. It is rich that they’re criticizing Jones for believing theories about Sandy Hook when there’s more logical reasons to believe Sandy Hook was staged than the Russia hoax bullshit they religiously promoted for the past two years.

There were many reasons to question the Sandy Hook incident and I don’t think anybody is crazy or insane for questioning it. In fact, out of all the mass shooting events, it is the one with the most evidence pointing it to being a hoax. For instance, the police released pictures and video to the public but did not show a single piece of visual evidence showing any blood, dead bodies etc.. There was also no video footage from security cameras showing that anything happened. The whole thing was a very strange and bizarre event.

The larger point being is that the government and the Jewish media have promoted so many hoaxes and lies that it is perfectly reasonable for people to question everything that’s being reported. We’ve been dealing with decades of dishonest bullshit. They’ve lied about Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators, Iraq having WMDs and most recently this dumb hoax about Trump colluding with Russia. There’s many more examples of this. So why wouldn’t people question these incidents?

This lawsuit against Jones is nonsense. They’re trying to set a precedent to say that you can be sued for questioning Jewish narratives. And obviously they’re trying to do this while damaging his media operation. But this is basic political speech protected under the First Amendment. The lawsuit should be thrown out. If not, than CNN, MSNBC and all the other Jewish media operations should be sued for promoting conspiracy theories like the Russia hoax.