The fake conservative kike Jonah Goldberg who is involved with the fake conservative shill publication National Review, was confronted by a groyper the other day. The groyper asked him why the National Review supported the Jew-left smear campaign against the Covington Catholic high school students.

Goldberg basically said the groyper was a terrible person for asking the reasonable question and went on to talk about how Michelle Malkin is an anti-Semite.

Malkin issued the following response on Twitter.

Malkin has been making speeches and posting tweets on social media supporting the groyper stance on immigration. She also appeared in a photo with Vincent James from the Red Elephants. These are obviously things that the kike Goldberg is not happy with and that is why he trying to smear Malkin with the “anti-Semite” label.

But to call Malkin an anti-Semite is retarded. Malkin is married to some old kike. She also hasn’t been talking about Israel, Zionism or anything like that.

There’s literally zero reason to believe that Malkin is a kike-hater but Goldberg called her an anti-Semite any way.

This right here is why these confrontations are important. We are forcing Jews like Goldberg to defend a world view that is based on lies. And when you are trying to defend a false world view, you are going to make mistakes and eventually do something to severely discredit yourself. Calling Malkin an anti-Semite is just dumb and thanks to social media, thousands of people are now seeing what a stupid kike Goldberg is.

And look at what has already happened to Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. They have been discredited as anti-American fake conservative shills who only have a platform because of the wealthy donors who are propping them up.

If the groyper war against these kikes and fake conservative incorporated continues, it can be torn down and replaced with a true America First political platform. We are already seeing major cracks in their foundation. We just have to keep pounding away until the whole thing crumbles in on itself.