The Jewish propagandist Jeffrey Toobin was fired by the New Yorker Magazine after he was caught jerking off on a Zoom call with colleagues.

He tweeted about it today without mentioning the fact that he was fired for jerking his cock in front of his co-workers.

A fellow Jew named Andrew Goldstein claimed that his firing was the result of “cancel culture” and hoped that CNN would not also fire him.

This was not “cancel culture” as this Jew suggested. That is when people are fired, blacklisted, censored specifically because of their ideas or for making a politically incorrect statement. Jews are almost never fired because of “cancel culture.” In the case of Toobin, he was not fired for his ideas.

Following his dismissal from the New Yorker, I’d be shocked if CNN kept Toobin on board. His value as a propagandist is almost zero now. You can’t take a lying Jew seriously to begin with, but you especially can’t take a lying Jew seriously after said Jew was caught jacking his dick on a Zoom call with colleagues. That’s just the reality of things.