The Zionist Jew Jacob Wohl just admitted that Jews have an “outsized” say in US politics and claims that they earned it.

At the same time, he is condemning Ilhan Omar for basically saying the exact same thing and demanding that she be forced out of Congress.

So Jews will try to destroy you if you agree with them that they have extraordinary influence within the American political system. The deranged mindset of these Jews is truly something to behold. They will literally attack you if you agree with them. This is obviously insane.

But Jews did not earn having an “outsized” say in American politics. It was gained through fraud. Namely through financial usury that they exploited to buy up the nation’s media. They use their control over these organizations to control the politics of the country. They didn’t earn any of this influence, they gained it through deceptive and devious methods. That’s the only reason why a group of people that represents only 2 percent of the American population has this amount of power in the country.