Poland is where all of these alleged death camp fairy tales happened. They are in a unique position to expose the Jew Holocaust hoax for what it is.

The Jews are really getting stupid with their Holocaust hoax. They’re lashing out at Poland for passing a new law making it illegal to blame Poles for having anything to do with the Holohoax. Dozens of Holohoaxing kikes protested outside of the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv whining about the new law.

Jerusalem Post:

Dozens of Holocaust survivors protested outside the Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv on Thursday, demonstrating against a new law in Poland that criminalizes suggestions of Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

The demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as: “No law can erase history” and “Poles, we remember what you did.”

The demonstrators broke into the compound of the embassy singing Am Yisrael Chai, “The people of Israel live.”

The protest was organized by the Haifa-based Yad Ezer La-Haver foundation, which runs a home in that city for Holocaust survivors.

The Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew-language sister publication Maariv reported that survivor Shalom Steinberg, 95, from Haifa, shouted: “You should be ashamed. I escaped from Auschwitz and weep every night from the things I went through there. Many people like me did not survive, and we will not forget that the Nazis massacred us on your Polish soil.”

Bashing the Poles for the Holohoax is a very dumb thing to do. The official story of World War II describes how a big war had to be fought against the evil Germans because the Germans invaded Poland. That means the Poles were the first victims of the Germans.

With that said, it is pretty bold of the Jews to blame the Poles for involvement in the Holohoax when their country was invaded by the foreign power who they claimed for decades was responsible for it. It’s only been in the past few years that they’ve tried to implicate the Poles for having any sort of involvement in the Holohoax.

Hopefully this prompts the Poles to order a real investigation into the Holohoax. Many of the alleged death camps where Jews were supposedly gas chambered in fake shower rooms are in Poland. They should remove all Holohoax denial laws and order investigations into this kike hoax.

We all know that the whole thing is a fraud. If the Jews piss off the Poles enough over this, I sincerely hope that they expose the Holohoax for the massive lie and extortion scheme that it is.

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