The Jew demon George Soros has written an op-ed attacking the rise of nationalism and populism throughout Europe. He is saying that these political movements are an attack on European values.

So by “values” he apparently means Europe getting flooded with hordes of brown and black orcs from the third world in the name of tolerance. He must also mean nation states being told what to do by faceless bureaucrats who were not elected by anybody. What sane person would defend these so-called “values?”

Soros is trying to project what’s in the best interest of Jews onto the “values” of Europeans. His entire agenda to flood Europe with these third world armies is failing and it is no wonder why he perceives this political failure as a “nightmare.” All the money he has spent trying to force this madness onto the people of Europe with his subversive activist groups is running up against all sorts of resistance. This op-ed is his pathetic last ditch attempt to reverse the momentum.

The only thing Soros has achieved is kiking himself and the Jewish race. By trying to kike the goyim so hard, he has made people rediscover why Jews have been so hated throughout the centuries.