A Jew comedian named Steve Hofstetter was doing a lame comedy bit about Charlottesville and how only White people work at places like Hobby Lobby. He thought it’d be funny to say that Jews wouldn’t want to replace Whites because they wouldn’t ever work at a place like Hobby Lobby. He was implying that Jews don’t work “poor people” jobs. That’s when somebody in the audience yelled out “TV.”

This sent Hofstetter into a rage babbling about how the audience member was anti-Semitic. He even tried to pry information from the audience member in an attempt to dox him so that he could get him fired from his job.┬áBut describing it doesn’t do the video justice, you just have to watch it. The verminous kike went nuts.

The whole situation was quite insane especially considering that it is a fact that Jews dominate almost every important position in Hollywood and the television industry in general. It shows once again how Jews view truth as anti-Semitic. They are one in the same to them.

In 2008, the Jew Joel Stein wrote a full length article for the Los Angeles Times describing how Jews totally control Hollywood.

So this unfunny kike flew into a rage over a non-kike mentioning the fact that members of his filthy race run the television industry.

The comment section under the video is woke as fuck.

What we have here is a Jewish comedian who can’t take a joke. It’d be a real shame if a bunch of anti-Semites started showing up at his shows to heckle him about soap and lampshades.