The sadistic rat Jew Chuck Schumer today was addressing the media in New York City where he was talking about how Donald Trump and his supporters are terrorists. During his address, he was confronted by an angry tranny who called him an anti-Semite, a racist and asked him why the cops let protesters into the Capitol. The tranny also said it was happy that the Capitol was stormed and how the storming caused it sexual excitement.

It was very funny largely because despite weirdly calling the Jew Schumer an anti-Semite and being some type of Hitler follower, the crazy tranny made some good points about Capitol incident.

If these people who have orchestrated this coup against the real President Donald J. Trump think they’ll be able to easily manage things after what they’ve done, they are sorely mistaken. Anybody that props up this evil system is going to be confronted and mocked in public pretty much everywhere they go. At least half if not more of the country hates all these people.

Plus, with the economic problems and all the bullshit virus restrictions that many of these same people championed, people are on the edge and are going to really start losing it. This country is a powder keg ready to explode. The Jew Schumer is going to have much bigger problems to deal with than some crazy tranny yelling at him during public appearances that’s for sure.