The new narrative in the Russia hoax saga is that Donald Trump is secretly working for Vladimir Putin because he concealed the transcripts of his private conversations with Putin during the Helsinki summit last year. As if it has ever been standard operating procedure for presidents to release transcripts of private presidential conversations with other world leaders. Whatever happened with the transcripts isn’t news and Trump said in a Fox News interview last night that he would have no problem releasing them if that’s what would make everyone happy.

For some dumb reason he emphasized how he and Putin talked about securing Israel. Like we give a shit about securing Israel for the filthy kikes. Trump and Putin should be talking about how to destroy them for the benefit of humanity.

The Jew Carl Bernstein was also on Jew-run CNN yammering about how Trump has helped destabilize the United States for Putin.

Where is the proof of this kike?

CNN also had some stupid cunt on claiming that Trump’s tweets are being written by Putin.

These people are all insane and are a threat to the national security of the United States. They should all be arrested and put in FEMA camps. The fact that they are able to use these absurd lies to brainwash people is a major problem. People actually believe these morons as evidenced by all the assholes who voted for Democrats in the last election.

Trump is trying to stabilize the country that was wrecked by Jews and their pet Kenyan nigger Barack Obama. Race relations were horrible during the Obama years because he kept agitating niggers against Whites with the help of Jews.

The only force dividing people in America are the lying Jews in the media who are constantly race baiting and putting out bullshit conspiracy theories about Russia and Trump.