One of the problems the Jew Bernie Sanders is going to have in the 2020 campaign cycle is getting niggers to vote for him. He spoke in front of an audience of female niggers and he was booed and jeered at.

Washington Post:

The groans erupted halfway through Bernie Sanders’ appearance Wednesday at a presidential candidates’ forum sponsored by She the People, a group that aims to drive up voter participation among women of color.

Before an audience of about 1,700, many of them African-American and Hispanic women, the moderator asked Sanders, I-Vt., how he would handle the rise in white supremacy. Sanders spoke of fighting discrimination and running a campaign “to bring our people together around an agenda that speaks to all people” – then returned to a familiar message on universal health care.

For many in the audience, that was insufficient. “Come on!” a woman shouted from the back, as others began to jeer and boo.

The reception reflected Sanders’ struggle to win support from minority voters, a problem that dogged his 2016 primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. Sanders has taken steps since to improve his outreach, including meeting with black leaders and talking more frequently about the difficulties facing minorities, but Wednesday’s event suggested the senator still faces challenges.

These coons view the Jew Bernie as just another White guy and a symbol of White supremacy. They don’t understand the Jew factor involved.

Much of Sanders support is actually derived from White millennial leftists. He is not an appealing figure to non-Whites. This was proven in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was able to garner more nigger votes than Sanders and his appearance at this female nigger forum has proven it again.

It’s hard to say if he can overcome this and win the nomination. Especially since he folded in 2016 and let Clinton win the rigged nomination process. He didn’t even raise a significant protest after they screwed him.

But man, the fact that we are even talking about such things is another sign of what a deranged circus the American political system is.