I don’t have time to follow all the dumbass Internet drama between different people, but Jean-Francois Gariepy a fat Frenchman associated with the proverbial “Alt-Right” is gloating about Nick Fuentes having his YouTube channel terminated. He publicly congratulated anti-fascists for helping get him banned.

At first people thought he was being sarcastic, but he later said that he did this because Fuentes attacked his family and that he decided to retaliate by getting him deplatformed.

He’s on video talking about his flagging campaigns.

What a weird faggot.

I have no idea if he was actually responsible for getting Fuentes banned or not. Fuentes has said that it may have been someone inside of TPUSA. Of course, it could have been a combination of the two.

But either way, if this doesn’t show you what team Gariepy is playing for than nothing will. Getting people deplatformed is a tactic of anti-fascists and leftists and here he is openly bragging about working with anti-fascists to get Fuentes banned.

There’s also apparently some controversy about Gariepy fucking a retarded woman and taking $25K from the Jew Jeff Epstein.

With all this shit out there, it is difficult to comprehend how anybody would take this person seriously. The good news is that his tweets are getting ratioed so people aren’t buying his bullshit. He obviously ripped the mask off with this push to get Fuentes banned from YouTube.