Jared Taylor of American Renaissance announced yesterday that he is suing Twitter.

This is fantastic news. Jared Taylor of American┬áRenaissance is suing Twitter over Internet censorship. His organization like many of us, have been subjected to being arbitrarily banned from the platform for bogus reasons. He was banned not because he broke any of their rules, but because they didn’t like his political speech.

I support Taylor 100 percent in this effort. What Twitter and these other social media sites have done is the equivalent of the phone company in the pre-Internet era refusing you service because they heard you make a nigger joke. It’s a totally insane situation.

Big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the public square and it is ridiculous that they have the power to ban people from the public square because they dislike the content of someone’s speech. They have abused their power as site administrators and it is time that they get reigned in.

Not only that, but by banning so many people, these platforms have become far less interesting. This lawsuit by Taylor will hopefully be the first of many consequences that these companies will have to deal with.