The James Fields trial has come to an end. He was convicted of all charges by what can only be described as a kangaroo court.


A man who drove his car into counterprotesters at a 2017 white nationalist rally in Virginia was convicted Friday of first-degree murder, a verdict that local civil rights activists hope will help heal a community still scarred by the violence and the racial tensions it inflamed nationwide.

A state jury rejected defense arguments that James Alex Fields Jr. acted in self-defense during a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, 2017. Jurors also convicted Fields of eight other charges, including aggravated malicious wounding and hit and run.

Fields, 21, drove to Virginia from his home in Maumee, Ohio, to support the white nationalists. As a large group of counterprotesters marched through Charlottesville singing and laughing, he stopped his car, backed up, then sped into the crowd, according to testimony from witnesses and video surveillance shown to jurors.

First off, no reasonable person could ever think that he could have gotten a fair trial in Charlottesville so I’m not surprised by the outcome. There were too many people there who wanted to make an example out of him because the Jewish media portrayed him as an evil Neo-Nazi, White supremacist person.

Secondly, the first-degree murder conviction is comical. Fields did not go to Charlottesville with the intent of using his Dodge Challenger automobile to kill a fat 330lb skank. First-degree murder requires some level premeditation and what happened does not even remotely qualify. There were mobs of anti-fascist terrorists in the streets threatening people with weapons. Not to mention his car never got over 30 mph when he hit the terrorist mobs who were unlawfully blocking the streets and impeding traffic.

But even the other extraneous charges that they convicted him with are all highly questionable.

It’s not even worth going into any more of the specifics. We all know that this is bullshit. What happened here is a gross miscarriage of justice and proves once again that justice does not exist in America. The rule of law is selectively applied and largely applied against those who oppose world Jewry in any shape or form.

Not even Donald Trump is exempt from this and he’s the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton committed numerous documented crimes and the entire system covered up for her. At the same time, they are trying to invent and manufacture anything they can to charge Trump with via an unconstitutional special counsel witch hunt.

In America, people are literally persecuted for their political beliefs. If they can’t get you thrown in jail for your beliefs, they’ll try to get you fired from your job and ruin your life. This is a situation not much different than what happened in the Soviet Union when they shipped people off to the gulags who did not agree with Jewish Communism.

I’m not sure what the future holds, but we can pretty much assume that it is going to get much worse before it gets better.