A number of excerpts from former FBI Director James Comey’s new book have been released and it looks like a total joke. He doesn’t reveal any substantive new information while littering the book with all sorts of personal attacks against the President.

The main excerpts that the press has been talking about involve Comey’s speculative banter about the pissgate document, golden showers, prostitutes and his belief that Trump uses tanning googles. Oh yeah, and he claims that Trump is a liar and a mob boss. We certainly don’t hear anything like that every day in the Jew-run media. It’s literally the most inane and stupid shit imaginable. The average American couldn’t give a damn about this stuff.

Comey is a bitter man who packed his book with tabloid junk to try and get rich off of this stupid book. There’s no question about it.

The President had a few things to say about Comey this morning.

Trump was definitely right to fire Comey. He rigged the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server and all the chicanery surrounding it. He’s an all around dishonest piece of shit.

Besides, if Comey was actually an honest person, he would have never written such a retarded book. I can only imagine what this idiot will say in the subsequent interviews.