Once again we see how democracy is a total and complete hoax. The Italian people voted in favor of nationalist and populist parties in massive numbers. They also supported the formation of a coalition government between the Five Star Movement and the Northern League. Despite all that, the Italian President has blocked the formation of the government because he disliked their choice for economic minister who is anti-EU.

What is the point of democracy if people vote for something and it doesn’t get implemented? It seems whenever people in the West vote in favor of their nationalist interest, there’s all sorts of problems and roadblocks thrown in the way of implementation. We’ve seen this with Brexit, Donald Trump trying to get a wall built etc.. But when Ireland votes in favor of legalizing the murder of their own children, there’s promises of immediate implementation.

So now it looks as if Italy might have to go through another round of elections. But it’s not like the people have changed their mind. They’re tired of the African invasion and the horrible economy. The Italian debt levels are unsustainable meaning that an exit from the Euro is really the only sane alternative for the country.

But who knows, maybe the establishment thinks they can rig the next election or something. Whatever the case, this just proves that democracy is a big hoax. A strong man dictator would be preferable to this shit-tier system.