So Israel is claiming that they launched this spacecraft and took a selfie photo of the planet from space.

Jerusalem Post:

The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet, which was launched off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, two weeks ago on its way to a planned Moon landing next month, took its first selfie in space. The selfie – which was taken some 37,600 km (20,000 miles) away from Earth – shows the Southern Hemisphere, and Australia can clearly be seen in the background.

The image was taken as the spacecraft slowly orbits the Earth for the next month or so, before it will be pulled by the gravitational force of the Moon and the landing process will begin. Beresheet is scheduled to land on the Moon on April 11.

I’m sorry, but the photo looks fake as all fuck. I am extremely skeptical of all the space programs around the world but I’m particularly skeptical of anything coming from Israel.

They’re also claiming that this spacecraft is going to land on the moon. Based upon this bullshit photo they put out, we can assume that the so-called moon landing of this spacecraft will be a total hoax just like the Apollo missions were back in the 1960s and 1970s.

I bet the flat earth people are having a field day with this Israeli space photo.