Bibi threatened war against Iran at the Munich Security Conference. The Iranians laughed at his cartoon like performance.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the Munich Security Conference where he threatened to wage war against Iran’s empire. He even brought a piece of metal that he claims was from an Iranian drone said to be shot down somewhere near Israel.


Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will act directly against Iran if necessary, not just its allies in the Middle East.

As Iran’s military role expands in Syria and Yemen and Donald Trump pushes for a more confrontational approach toward Tehran, Israel is seeking wider support for efforts to contain its regional arch-enemy.

Holding a battered and charred fragment of what he claimed was an Iranian drone brought down in Israeli airspace this month, the Israeli prime minister told the Munich security conference on Sunday: “Israel will not allow the regime to put a noose of terror around our neck.

“We will act if necessary, not just against Iran’s proxies but against Iran itself,” he said.

The performance was about as absurd as some of his appearances in front of the United Nations. Remember the bomb diagram? It was endlessly mocked all over the Internet and became a notable meme.

But what Netanyahu is saying should be taken seriously. He is embroiled in all sorts of domestic political problems. Police have recommended that he be charged with corruption. It would not be a surprise for him to do something drastic to distract from these problems.